Sell Buy Here Pay Here Notes

Our sell buy here pay here notes bulk purchase program is designed to allow BHPH dealers to more efficiently manage their cash flow, and accelerate their profits and reduce the risk and cost associated with collections.  We have a dedicated team of industry-leading professionals with years of experience and understanding of the many challenges associated with raising capital. We specialize in developing short and long-term cash flow solutions to help you meet your growth and profit objectives.

I talk to a lot of dealers and they tell me I do not sell my notes and I get those 7 words all the time.  I understand why doing the same thing you have always done is a safe thing and perhaps it brings peace.  But it can also be dangerous in business if you continue to do the same thing because that is the way you have always done it.   

Let’s take on this topic… “should I sell my buy here pay here notes?” 

Sure, you can always do it the same way you have always done it. Even if you have never sold BHPH notes in the past.  Play it safe or take a hard look at what is happening in the marketplace with note purchasing.  If you need capital (cash) in your business, you basically have 3 options:

1. You can put your own money in,

2. Get a line of credit increase or get a bank line. Use your BHPH notes as collateral to raise immediate liquidity and cash.

3. Sell a portion of your notes. Raise instant cash without the need for a loan. Or you may not have a large enough portfolio to qualify for a line of credit.

The third option is probably one that you have not done before.  Change your way of thinking from because you have always done it that way to a new way of thinking of what you can change to be better.   

Follow these simple steps to get a free no-obligation offer on your buy here pay here portfolio.

Sell Buy Here Pay Here Notes


Dealer provides DATA TAPE.  Data Tape is an Excel file exported from your DMS, containing the information needed for us to provide a free, no-obligation quote on your portfolio.

Sell Buy Here Pay Here Notes


Pricing and Due Diligence – Following the acceptance of our bid and signed Letter of Intent to sell, the team at Texas Dealer Solutions works with you through our Due Diligence where we review original documents and complete a Verification Call for each account considered for purchase. The Verification Call will confirm Customer’s Name, Vehicle (Year, Make, Model), and Payment Information.

Sell Buy Here Pay Here Notes


Close, Fund and Transition – The third and final step in our Bulk Purchase Program is Closing, Funding and Transitioning your transaction.  This process, we will work with you to welcome your customers to our program. Our Customer Welcome Process includes a Goodbye Letter, sent on your behalf; Welcome Call, informing the customer that we have purchased their account; and Welcome Packet, mailed to their home.

Want to know more about selling your auto portfolio?

Turn Auto Notes Into Cash

Simply put, selling loans is the most effective way to build capital for your buy-here-pay-here dealership without adding on new debt to your business. Selling Bulk Auto Loans also gives the dealer greater flexibility to expand their existing business by purchasing more inventory, being able to finance more customers, acquiring new stores, and more. When a dealer sells their auto loans, the finance company that purchases them takes over collections. This frees up time the dealership owners spent managing collections, sending out repo’s on the accounts. After selling loans, owners are able to focus on:

  • Selling Cars
  • Buying inventory
  • Reconditioning
  • Training sales staff

and all of the other responsibilities of today’s used car dealer.

Interested in growing your business? Take advantage of our free portfolio analysis.  Send us a data tape with zero obligations. 

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