Sell BHPH Portfolio

Dealers sell all or a portion of their BHPH Portfolio for many reasons. Some are simply ready to exit the Buy Here Pay Here business and do other things. for most, it is a matter of cash flow.

Since the Buy here business eats up an enormous amount of cash. When I started in the car business back in the 70’s it was common for the down payment to cover the cost of the car.

Now the cost of cars has gone up but down payments seldom if ever cover the cost of the car. With the BHPH dealer running cash negative on almost every sale.

One way for BHPH dealers to get by while they increase the size of their portfolio and put inventory back on the lot is to sell a portion of their BHPH portfolios in a BULK Auto Note sale.

Selling a portion of your BHPH Auto notes gives the dealer an influx of cash that they can use to cover expenses or buy more inventory.

If you need cash for your bhph dealership contact us today!